❝Little bit of the universe studying everything, making some attempts at writing, stargazing, brewing tea, reading, listening to sweet music, burning my tongue on coffee, cooking the World's Best Veggie Burgers, and just bein' a jumble of verbs.
"How strange it is to be anything at all."

Gonna marry the world.

(I’m honestly just live-blogging my walk around campus.)

Sep 02nd (+1)


It’s Back to School season! 

Some fun organic chemistry nails for my fellow science nerds!

these are so cute!

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Sep 02nd (+708)

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Student Environmental Coalition? Have I ever mentioned how much I love the Writing Center? Have I ever mentioned how much I love Grand Valley?

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The space between, Federico Infante

Sep 02nd (+1837)


Bad Doberan, Germany (by berlin-shots)

Sep 01st (+2633)

Can I Kick It?

by A Tribe Called Quest

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Can I Kick It?

yes you can

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Sep 01st (+22378)


Me flirting

Aug 31st (+10748)

visions of haikus:

dust is settling
on this blonde on blonde record.
it’s taken my place.

Aug 31st (+0)


Being good to each other is so important, guys.

Aug 31st (+240290)

I’m in Traverse City eating at a brewery and the very chem prof who I have seen at:
Grandville’s Potbelly restaurant
Grandville’s RiverTown Mall
Separate occasion in Grand Rapids
At class one year ago (obviously)
is one table over. What the HECK.

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Aug 31st (+13740)


Marvin tumbling through space on the cover of a beautifully bound copy of Hitchhiker’s Guide. #booklust

Aug 30th (+53)

Drowning in applications. I think I’m going to apply to the TAPIF program (specifically in Strasbourg, Besançon, et Nancy), in addition to the Fulbright and grad school stuff.
There is so much to do in this world!

Aug 30th (+1)

A haiku not about you:
Fifties scifi films,
a blue quit, and your shoulder.
We would fall asleep.

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