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Missed Valentine’s Day for my radio show/don’t really hop on the Cupid Bandwagon anyway but making playlists is one of my favorite hobbies so here’s
Katie’s List of Fifteen Songs Appropriate for Valentine’s Day:

Can’t Buy Me Love- The Beatles

Everlasting Light- The Black Keys

Just Like Heaven- The Cure

The Way You Make Me Feel- Michael Jackson

What You Need- The Weeknd

Chelsea Hotel #2- Regina Spektor (Cover) 

Little Bit- Lykke Li

Friend (Lover)- Evenings

O.N.E- Yeasayer

The Purple Bottle- Animal Collective

Day Too Soon- Sia

Covers- The Sea and Cake

Back to Back (Acoustic)- Wolfgang

She Belongs to Me- Bob Dylan

For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her- Simon & Garfunkel

Mm yeah enjoy.

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